Fiction And Your Life

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Which fictional piece have you come across?

A novel. Maybe a short story. Movies and TV shows. Comics... name them. The list is endless.

Ever thought about these works of art in a different light? Like, not just as entertainment avenues but how their mere existence relates to your life? Quite unlikely, I know.

But that favourite movie has more to offer than just some dude jumping off a skyscraper from the top most floor.

And no, I’m not talking about parkour lessons or how to survive a gun shot wound (although those would be perfectly in line).

Far from it.

In fact, my concern is beyond the finished product.

Before that mind-blowing novel came into being, what are the events that preceded it? Same to any other work of fiction that you've come across.

There must have been some events that happened before the consumer (fan) got a chance at it. The behind the scenes work.

As mentioned above, these events in the production process of your favourite TV show, novel, short story etc bare priceless life lessons that I bet you've never imagined (well, until now).

From idea to the final product, here's how we can change our lives for the better if we dare to emulate the creatives :

1. Figure Out Your Life

You'll agree with me that for every fictional story out there, the end and the events leading to it are always predetermined - by the creator.

This is the plot / storyline.

This is what the entire short story , novel or movie will be about and it centers around a certain character - the main characters. What will be their ultimate goal? And what are some of the occurrences that will keep them engaged as they try to achieve their deepest desires?

Now back to your life :how do you want it to be? What do you want to achieve by the end of the day, week or ten years?

In this case, your life is the storyline. You are the main character. And you are also the creator. You have the power of thinking out the most desirable flow of your life. Will you take it or you'll let (some) people screw it up?

This leads to the next point:

2. Decide Whom You Need

Remember the main character(s) above? Are they going to feature in the whole piece alone? Of course not. Our creator will have to come up with other characters to help in adding momentum to the storyline.

Some are detractors whose sole purpose is to make sure the main characters mess up. They constantly act to pull them (the main characters) off their intended trajectory in life.

While others are the friends of the main character. They do all they can to see the main character thriving.

These two sets of characters both have a purpose. To the viewer or reader, the detractors can be such a constant "party spoiler" but they are just as necessary as their friendly counterparts.

In your case, having figured out what it is that you want in life, you know the people to carry along with you. The ones full of positive energy. They could be childhood friends, acquaintances you gather along the way or accomplices in your activities.

Yet still, there will be another group whose pleasure lies in seeing you defeated. You don’t choose them, they seek you out. For one reason or another.

They’re against anything that has the potential of aiding your endeavors. Every step is of sabotaging you in one way or the other. These are the bad guys. You don’t expect any good from them right?
So, how far can you go with such characters hanging on your coat tail?

Yes, you won’t move an inch. What option do you have?

That’s why you need to

3. Eliminate the baggages

You, being the main character, have no use for the bad guys.

They make you want to pull your hair out. Stretch your patience to the peak. And just make life unbearable for you.

You absolutely don’t need these people in your life. So what’s the solution?

In a movie setting, a carefully tucked away weapon will solve it all. But this is life. This is reality.

You don’t want to become a murderer.

But, hey you still want to get rid of them, right?


Stop hanging out with them. Stop texting. Don’t call. Cut off every link between you and them in any way you can (except killing them like in a novel 😀).

In whichever way you do it, make it clear that you’re fed up with their negative energy. Because it is not helping anyone. Not you. Not them.

Because , only then will you

4. Ride To Victory

The happy ending.

Of course, some fictional pieces end in the saddest of ways. Because that’s what the writer intended have.

But in your case, it may signal a shift in your storyline. As much as you may try to have control over your life, stuff may just keep coming up.

Not everything goes according to plan. That is just life. That only means you need to switch up things a little bit to conclude in the most desirable style.

The way you want it. It is your script anyway, right?




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