Here are some of the things new e-com business owners think of when they hear about growing their brands:

  • Unique marketing angles to appeal to and convert more prospects
  • A good social media…

Introduction to project management

Project management does seem like the buzz nowadays but the data tells a bit of a different story. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), only 46% of organizations looked at in 2020 cared about project management enough to make it part of the company’s culture.

That’s despite data from…

A Guide To Online Data Leaks : What They are, How To Spot Them And How To Fix Them

Whether you're currently using a VPN or planning on using one, there is one thing you understand : privacy is paramount.

In a world where a single piece of your data…

It is around 2 PM. Everyone is minding their own - or it appears so. The age difference is apparent. Young boys and young men.

Some are having conversations. Others are just quiet, thinking probably. …

Photo by Raj Eiamworakul on Unsplash

Which fictional piece have you come across?

A novel. Maybe a short story. Movies and TV shows. Comics... name them. The list is endless.

Ever thought about these works of art in a different light? Like, not just as entertainment avenues but how their mere existence relates to your life…

Oscar Musundi

SaaS Content Writer For Hire.

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